Sire Guitars Unveils 2nd Generation Marcus Miller Basses

Sire Guitars 2nd Generation Marcus Miller Basses

Sire Guitars has announced several major upgrades to their Marcus Miller line of bass guitars ranging from the pickups to the serial number system. Nearly every bass they make has been upgraded in some way.

The biggest change is in the second generation pickups, which applies to the V7, V7 Vintage, V9, P7, M7, and V3 models. Sire writes that the pickups are completely redesigned.

“The 2nd Gen Marcus Miller pickups are made with different magnets and coils for higher resolution and clearer sound,” they write. “We have been collaborating with Marcus Miller to tailor the best sound balance and it will be introduced in the 2nd Gen series. The exterior of the pickup has also been upgraded as it is now printed with a logo.”

The V7, P7, and M7 models will now have ebony fingerboards instead of rosewood. Every model will now have a satin neck finish and rolled fretboard edges that Sire says gives a firmer and more natural grasp. More miscellaneous changes include an ashwood battery cover, a pickup cover for the five-string V7, and a 2N added to the serial number to identify the second generation.

The 2nd Generation Marcus Miller Sire Basses range in price from $369 to $1,199.

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  1. Courtney Peters

    I like the latest upgrades of new generation basses, each is quite unique and a cut above the rest!