Federico Malaman Releases New Solo Album

Federico Malaman: LifeItalian bass guru Federico Malaman has released a new solo album, entitled Life. The recording, which marks 14 years since his first solo effort, is a snapshot of the bassist’s life.

“The full album title should actually be ‘Life is not in 4/4’”, he states. “4/4 is the simplest, straightforward meter. Real life is not like that: there are ups and downs, change of plans, pleasant surprises and unbearable pains… ‘Life’ was conceived from the awareness that I have a new musical maturity I want to share. A record comes from a musician’s urge to take a photograph of himself at a certain moment of his musical history. And I wanted my personality, my bass playing, my musical ideas and my writing sensibility of today to be captured on tape.”

Life has six brand new compositions, three re-workings of his existing songs, and a cover of Michele Polga’s “Downpour.” Malaman shared a video along with us for the song “Afro Fred,” which he says is one of his favorites on the album. “I am a great enthusiast of African rhythms. I like the way it triggers an uncontrollable urge to dance. Anyone who has ever seen one of my live performances knows how much I love dancing.”

Buckle up for “Afro Fred”:

Life is available now on CD or as a digital download through his label Setticlavio Edizioni’s website.

Life Track List:

  1. Sevenandsix
  2. Slappyness
  3. Song for Marco
  4. Downpour (Live in Studio)
  5. Love Mood
  6. Tango Asimmetrico
  7. Life
  8. Afro Fred (Live in Studio)
  9. Uncle Joe
  10. Thank You Mr. JP

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