Bass of the Week: JanAid Guitars “The Evergreen”

JanAid Guitars crafts beautiful basses that sound as gorgeous as they look. That includes this instrument called The Evergreen, which was built for Victor Wooten’s Wooten Woods Camp.

“I built this instrument for Victor Wooten, thinking in all these people around the world visiting Wooten Camp, some of them don’t have a good instrument,” JanAid explains. “So then they can use a JanAid. Victor accepted my offer so he is the owner of this instrument.”

The Evergreen is a piccolo bass built with an array of incredible woods. The body has an African mahogany core with a Black Walnut and Olive top. Its back is made with savage aromatic cedar with a bereber (Sowieta Bounana design) Ying-Yang inlay made in Walnut and Mulberry. It also has a LightAid resin to glow in the dark. The Evergreen’s neck is hard maple and walnut that is topped with a European soft maple fingerboard. All of these colors, grains, and textures blend into a single playable piece of art.

JanAid fitted the bass with their own hybrid style of pickups as well as a modified East UK preamp. Check out this fantastic demo video:

JanAid Guitars The Evergreen Bass Features:

Top:Black Walnut and Olive top with Wooten Woods leaf logo
Core:African Mahogany
Back:Savage Aromatic Cedar with Ying-Yang inlay made in Walnut and Mulberry
Center Block:Curly Walnut
Headstock:Walnut and Maple
Neck:Hard Maple and Walnut
Fingerboard:European Soft Maple
Pickups:Hybrid by JanAid
Electronics:Modified East UK Preamp

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