Jerzy Drozd Announces the Copperstone 3-Band Bass Preamp

Jerzy Drozd Copperstone Preamp - Installed

Boutique bass builder Jerzy Drozd has just unveiled his latest creation with the Copperstone, an interchangeable 3-band bass guitar preamp. The onboard electronics come with his basses, but now the unit can be installed into any bass guitar, he writes.

“Copperstone, smartly engineered into a small footprint, is easy to install into the bass guitar of your choice,” the Drozd website explains. “Besides its exclusive characteristic, interchangeability, this 3 band bass guitar preamp delivers up to 9dB gain boost and can be configured with up to 3 different midrange selectable frequencies, passive tone and active/passive mode among others.”

The Copperstone can be ordered with a single fixed mid-frequency of 350Hz, two switchable frequencies of 350Hz or 700Hz, or three switchable frequencies of 350Hz, 700Hz, and 900Hz. Another option is the inclusion of the Flame module, which monitors your battery status and flashes when it drops below the desired voltage.

The Jerzy Drozd Copperstone is available in solderless or solderable versions. It’s open to pre-order with an introductory price of approximately $192. The standard price will be closer to $385.

Jerzy Drozd Copperstone 3-Band Bass Preamp Features:

Configurable, Interchangeable On-Board Preamp
3-band EQ with three options for mid control (Single, 2-way, 3-way frequencies)
Gain Adjustment up to +9dB
Battery Life estimated at more than 600 hours
Controls: Volume, Blend, Treble, Mid, Bass, Active/Passive Selector (optional), Mid Freq. 2 or 3-way Toggle (optional), Passive Tone (optional)
Optional Flame expansion module for battery monitoring

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