Bass of the Week: Jerzy Drozd Atmospheric Refraction

Jerzy Drozd Atmospheric Refraction Bass

Every Jerzy Drozd bass I’ve ever seen has left me in awe. The luthier’s elegant shapes and unreal finishes capture the imagination, and his newest creation is no exception.

The “Atmospheric Refraction” five-string is a version of his Excellency V 24 model that is inspired by the polar lights in its stunning finish. A Drozd uses Fraxinus pennsylvanica (ash) for the body, populus nigra (black poplar) for the top, a three-piece acer saccharum (sugar maple) neck, and Bird’s Eye acer saccharum for the fretboard. He adorns the front of the bass with “Painting in the light” artwork, while the back is called “Dispersive Refraction.”

For electronics, the Atmospheric Refraction is fitted with a pair of Drozd’s JeD5XS neodymium interchangeable single coil split type pickups with fast connectors. The 3-band preamp is also interchangeable and part of the builder’s Copperstone series. It has a low battery indicator, passive tone, and a mid-frequency selector switch.

Jerzy Drozd Atmospheric Refraction Bass Specs:

Body:Fraxinus Pensilvanica (Ash)
Top:Populus Nigra (Black Poplar)
Neck:3-piece Acer Saccharum (Sugar Maple) w/Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Fingerboard:Bird’s Eye Acer Saccharum (Bird’s Eye Maple
Pickups:2 Jerzy Drozd JeD5XS neodimium interchangeable single coil split type pickups with fast connectors
Pickup Covers:Acer Saccharum With Jerzy Drozd “Sorolla White” High Gloss Finish
Electronics:Interchangeable State Of The Art Jerzy Drozd Copperstone 3 Band Preamp
Finish:Jerzy Drozd “Painting the light” Artwork on the body and headstock tops, Jerzy Drozd “Dispersive refraction” Artwork on the body back

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  1. Melwood Davis

    Truly some of the nicest basses I’ve ever seen boy I wish I could have or afford one and learn how to master it

  2. William Burdis

    Well, obviously a very beautiful instrument with a LOT of care taken by the builder. No cut corners on display. The inbuilt sunken strap locks are a superb addition for those who dislike the strap buttons, I can see why though.
    But 34 inches? for a low b or a drop? I don’t know. I guess it MUST work, but I have never felt happy with the response on anything but 35 or multiscale 35+. But then I am primarily a double bassist.

    Anyway – A titanic effort here with what are obviously “concourse” results.

  3. Robert B Barwick

    how much?

  4. Jason Benford