Lollar Pickups Introduces ’70s J-Bass Pickup Set

Lollar Pickups ‘70s J-Bass Pickups

Lollar Pickups has expanded their line of bass pickups with a new ’70s J-Bass set. The new pickups are designed to replicate the sound of an original ’75 Jazz Bass, but they’re not exact replicas.

“We have had many requests over the years to make a ’70s Jazz Bass pickup set, so we recently purchased an all-original, one owner, natural finish, ash body 1975 Jazz Bass so that we would have the real deal with which to compare our work,” Lollar writes. “Instead of just copying the original pickups, we decided to make a pickup set that sounds like the original ’75 in a new production bass.”

They achieved this by making a pickup set that uses flat pole Alnico 5 magnets with coils wound to match the ‘75’s tonality. Lollar says pairing the pickups with a 1Meg volume pot and a 250K tone pot gets you the ’70s tone in a standard alder body Jazz Bass.

Check out the company’s demo tracks:

The Lollar ’70s J-Bass pickups are available now for $95 each.

Lollar Pickups ‘70s J-Bass Pickups Features:

Modeled to Recreate 1975 Jazz Bass Tone
Flat Pole Alnico 5 Magnets
DC: Neck 7.9k; Bridge 10.4k

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