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Bass Pickups Archives


Aguilar Announces DCB P and J Style Pickups

Aguilar has blended their DCB pickup design into traditional shapes with the new DCB 4P, 4J, 5J, and 4PJ pickups. The dual ceramic bar style introduces a “new and unique voice for Jazz and Precision style basses,” they say.


Nordstrand Audio Announces Power Blade 5 Pickup

Nordstrand Audio has expanded its Power Blade pickup line with a new five-string version. The hum-canceling pickup can be used as a drop-in replacement for a P-bass.


DiMarzio Collaborates with Billy Sheehan for Relentless Pickups

DiMarzio has unveiled a new P-style pickup that was designed with bass legend Billy Sheehan. The Relentless bass pickups feature sculpted metal covers for added form and function, the company says.


MEC Pickups With Brushed Metal Housings Now Available

Among their many new products shown at NAMM, Warwick announced that MEC bass pickups would now be available with brushed metal housings. Now the pickups are available for purchase. The sets come in gold, black, and silver finishes.


Alusonic Announces QuadraFleX Pickup and Hybrid Bass

Alusonic has unveiled a new pickup called the QuadraFleX 4 as well as a new bass model for it. The new instrument revolves around the pickup’s unique mode selection that lets you pick between five pickup modes.


Fishman Introduces Fluence Legacy Series Pickups with Mike Inez

Fishman’s new multi-voiced Fluence pickups have gotten a new sub-category with the Fluence Legacy series, which brings recording artists in to recreate the tone for which they are known. They’ve launched the lineup with Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez.


EMG Unveils the Robert Trujillo “Rip Tide” Signature Pickup Set

EMG has expanded its lineup of signature bass pickups with the Robert Trujillo Signature “Rip Tide” Set. The Metallica bassist’s new pickups are described as a first with “stainless steel, black chrome caps to the world of the jazz bass.”


Northern Lutherie Introduces “Da Crusher” Double Bass Pickup

Northern Lutherie has introduced a new upright bass pickup called Da Crusher. Named in honor of the wrestler “who made Milwaukee famous,” the pickup is a stacked 20mm piezo system that is fitted into the bridge.


Aguilar Amplification Announces DCB-M4 and M5 Pickups

Aguilar introduced a new pickup design at the Summer NAMM Show with the DCB-M4 and M5. The pickups, which are four and five-string versions of the same model, are humbuckers in a familiar shape.


EMG Now Shipping Tom Araya, Frank Bello, and David Ellefson Signature Pickup Sets

EMG has introduced three new signature sets of pickups with three of the biggest metal bass stars: Slayer’s Tom Araya, Anthrax’s Frank Bello, and Megadeth’s David Ellefson. Introduced at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show, each of the sets was dialed in with the artists.


Aguilar Announces the Super Split Bass Pickup

Aguilar has expanded their offering of split-coil bass pickups with the Super Split. The hum-canceling pickups are built in a soapbar shape and designed to create “rich bass tone – crisp and open treble, barking midrange and huge lows.”


Fishman Unveils Fluence Soapbar Multi-Voice Bass Pickups

Fishman has expanded their Fluence line of pickups with a new set of Soapbar multi-voice bass pickups. The active pickups, come in four and five-string versions, offer three distinct voices to cover different playing styles.