Lauren Pierce: Zigeunerweisen for Double Bass Solo and String Orchestra

Double bassist Lauren Pierce reached out to us (thanks to our good friend Jason Heath) to share this incredible performance and video.

“Out of all of the videos I’ve done, this one was by far the biggest and the most rewarding, which is why I wanted to share it with you,” Lauren wrote. “I was wondering if you might consider sharing it on No Treble? I know it’s a bit different than what is typically featured, but I thought your audience would enjoy it nonetheless.”

We agree, and we’re thrilled to share this remarkable performance!

“Like all of my videos, this was completely self-produced (save for the audio, which was recorded by my friend Joey at Solar Way Studios, who records most of my videos),” Lauren added. “I arranged the solo bass and orchestral parts and my partner (who is sitting concertmaster in the video) helped me put together an orchestra of wonderful and enthusiastic musicians, including our conductor Clay [Couturiaux].”

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  1. David Brown

    Good lord, she is a rockstar. What an amazing, inspiring performance.

  2. Bob Devlin

    That was wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  3. Todd Perkins

    Brilliant and beautiful stuff.

  4. Michael PHILIPPE


  5. Steve Lauhoff

    Whoa. That is impressive. Beautiful piece of music, to boot.

  6. phil chen

    Lauren thanx for the amazing playing n inspiration yes music n beauty has no boundaries one????

  7. Ben Loy

    Watch out, Edgar! The kids are coming up from behind!

  8. Merrill