Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – Duck Dunn

I love it when Stuart Clayton posts one of his “Giants of Bass” videos. He named this one “Who Dunnit?” which focuses on the style of Duck Dunn.

“This piece was written to reflect Duck’s simple but effective work at the Stax record label during the sixties and seventies, as well as his work with the Blues Brothers,” Stuart shared. “The track features many stylistic elements that were common to Duck’s basslines, such as a heavy use of chord tones, the use of additional scale tones such as the sixth, and the use of chromatic passing notes to ease the transition between chords. In keeping with Duck’s playing style, there are only a few fills, which makes the line effective, but unobtrusive… This track was performed on a Fender Precision bass.”

Stuart has a tutorial for this video on his Bassline Publishing website.

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