Bass of the Week: OJ Guitars BrummBass

OJ Guitars BrummBassThis week we’re checking out a unique acoustic bass guitar built by luthier Oliver Jaggi called the BrummBass. Jaggi, who is a third-generation Swiss craftsman, created the bass around functional design elements.

“The BrummBass features a number of innovations that help it stand out from other acoustic bass guitars. The top plate has an ultra-low mass construction and the bridge design limits stresses which impede the movement of the top. Together these design features produce a sound with quick attack and long sustain,” Jaggi writes. “Another feature is an adjustable neck joint which allows the player to dial in their preferred action settings via a keyhole in the heel. The large body (20″ wide at lower bout and 27″ body length) is made comfortable to play with an arm-bevel and a wedge shape that tapers from 7.5 inches down to 4 inches.”

That’s not to mention the fact that the neck is removable for transport. The BrummBass is crafted with cherry for the body sides a redwood top that was salvaged from a pipe organ. Its neck is bookmatched cherry fitted with a pau ferro fingerboard and 20 Evo Gold frets. Finally, it’s fitted with a set of Dazzo pickups and Hipshot tuners. Jaggi offers the bass with several options including fretted or fretless and with or without a multi-scale neck.

OJ Guitars BrummBass Specs:

Tuning:E to C
Scale:36.25″ to 33.25″
Body Sides:Engineered sides in Cherry
Top:Redwood (salvaged from pipe organ)
Neck:Bookmatched Cherry, dual action truss rod with Carbon Fiber reinforcement
Fingerboard:Pau Ferro
Frets:Evo Gold (mandolin size)
Pickups:Dazzo Pickups

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  1. Kim Stevens

    Wow, very beautiful. Am hoping that the design offers enough space on the treble side upper bout so that the bass doesn’t slide off the thigh when playing in a seated position.

  2. John Kaethner

    Being left handed, no matter how mouth wateringly gorgeous these basses of the week are, unless they come left handed, I will never be able to own one. John