Spector Adds Three Basses to Euro Series

Spector Euro4 LT Bass

Spector has expanded their Euro Series this year with three new models: The Euro LT, the EuroBolt, and the Euro4 LE 1979. Each of the basses is hand-crafted in the Czech Republic.

The Euro4 LE1979 is a nod to the 40th anniversary of the original NS-2 built by Stuart Spector. It shares the same construction with a three-piece maple neck, American Walnut body wings, and a rosewood fingerboard. The bass also sports a period-correct DiMarzio P/J pickup set matched with Spector’s Tone Pump active circuit. This special edition instrument will only be available through 2019.

Next up is the EuroLT, which comes in four and five-string versions. “The Euro LT Series is constructed using premium, proven tonewoods, including highly figured North American maple, European alder, and ebony,” Spector writes. “These upgraded instruments also feature custom pickups and electronics from Bartolini & Darkglass, professional-grade hardware, a range of new colors, and Spector’s world-class craftsmanship.”

Finally, the EuroBolt is a five-string bass constructed with a roasted maple bolt-on neck. Its body is made of lightweight European alder with the option of a USA figured maple top. Other features include a 24-fret roasted maple fingerboard with crown inlays, Aguilar DCB pickups, and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp.

Each of the new Spector basses will be shipping in March with prices of $1,899 for the EuroBolt and $2,599 for both the Euro LT and Euro4 LE1979.

Spector Euro4 LE1979 Bass Specs:

Body:Solid American Walnut Wings
Neck:3-piece Maple
Fret Inlays:Dot
Pickups:DiMarzio Model P & Model J
Electronics:Spector Tone Pump
Finish:Natural Matte

Spector Euro LT Bass Specs:

Strings:4 or 5
Body:Weight-relieved European Alder
Top:North American Maple
Neck:3-Piece Maple
Fret Inlays:Spector Crown
Pickups:Passive, custom-wound Bartolini pickups
Electronics:Custom-voiced Darkglass active tone circuit
Tuners:Gotoh Lightweight
Bridge:Lightweight Spector Locking Bridge
Finish:Blue Fade, Red Fade, Tiger Eye & Violet Fade High Gloss

Spector EuroBolt 5 Bass Specs:

Body:Lightweight European Alder
Top:USA figured maple top on Tobacco Sunburst model
Neck:3-Piece Roasted Maple
Fretboard:Roasted Maple
Fret Inlays:Mother of Pearl Crown
Pickups:Aguilar DCB
Electronics:Aguilar OBP-2
Bridge:Aluminum Locking Bridge
Finish:Metallic Blue or Tobacco Sunburst high gloss finish

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