Stuart Clayton: Giants of Bass – John Paul Jones

Stuart Clayton is publishing so much content, like this “Giants of Bass” entry focusing on the style of the great John Paul Jones.

“This video is a performance of ‘Led Balloon’, the John Paul Jones-style piece that I wrote for my 2017 book Giants of Bass,” Stuart shares. “This piece was written to represent John’s bass work with legendary rock group Led Zeppelin and features many common elements of his playing style, such as the use of the blues scale, a variety of different bass fills, some heavily syncopated lines, and some parts played in unison with the guitar. The track also includes the use of some different time signatures, which is something that Led Zeppelin often experimented with in their music. This track was performed on a 1972 Fender Jazz Bass.”

Stuart’s Bassline Publishing website has a more in-depth lesson available, for subscribers.

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    Stuart should just go ahead and write the Led Zeppelin Musical for Broadway. He’s the guy! Hammer of the Gods to the Great White Way!

  2. Randy S.

    Rapidly becoming a fan of Stuart Clayton.

  3. glenn brooke

    Just became an Awesome, Big Fan of Stuart Clayton….Thanks Mate ! I just absolutely Loved all that I”ve watched /Listened to thus far. Cheers Brooke

  4. bassflower

    Killer! You are totally channeling the man!