The BassMonsters Release “UNIO”

The BassMonsters: UnioThe all bass ensemble known as The BassMonsters have returned with a new album called UNIO. Led by Claus Freudenstein, the effort includes double bass arrangements of rock and pop songs.

UNIO features eleven bassists in all: Freudenstein, Thomas Hille, Lisa De Boos, Ricardo Tapadinhas, Philipp Stubenrauch, Szymon Marciniak, Stephan Bauer, Emilio Yepes Martinez, Hagai Bilitzky, Petru Iuga, and Andres Martin. The roster breaks into quartets to fill out each track.

UNIO stands for ‘union,’ as the word comes from the Esperanto language,” the band writes. “The virtuosity of international musicians, nations, as well as the tension between chamber music and rock music has been combined in quartets. An amazingly exciting auditory sensation that appeals to both young and old, in this ensemble the double bass goes “Rock ‘n Roll,” from Germany around the world! Nine tracks, each interpreted by four double-bass virtuosos in different recording studios, wander world-wide, make listeners want more, enticing them with un-heard listening pleasure.”

Songs on the album range from the theme from the horror film Psycho to Sting’s “La Belle Dame Sans Regrets” to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Check out the opening cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”:

UNIO is available for download now through Amazon MP3 and iTunes. Physical CDs have launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with worldwide availability coming soon.

UNIO Track List:

  1. Highway Star
  2. Psycho
  3. Bassmonsters
  4. Parallel Universe
  5. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets (feat. Philipp Stubenrauch & Szymon Marciniak)
  6. Don’t Stop Me Now
  7. Born To Be Wild
  8. Child In Time
  9. With Or Without You

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