Priests Releases “The Seduction of Kansas”

Priests: The Seduction of KansasDC-based post-punk band Priests have returned with The Seduction of Kansas, which marks their second full-length release and sixth album in total. The band continues their politically-leaning themes, starting with the album title.

“Seduction evokes pleasure, sex. Divorced from romance, it is a tactic of manipulation, a ploy in the politics of persuasion,” the band writes. “Kansas is a compass. As the journalist Thomas Frank explored in his 2004 book What’s the Matter With Kansas?, the ideological sway of Kansas has often predicted the direction in which the U.S. will move—whether leaning socialist in the 1800s or going staunchly conservative in the 1980s.”

The Seduction of Kansas marks the first album since bassist Taylor Mulitz amicably left the band. Priests worked with two musicians to fill out the bass role. Janel Leppin, who also worked on their debut Nothing Feels Natural, served as primary bassist and songwriting collaborator. Alexandra Tyson joined the group for their touring band.

You can check the band’s energy with Tyson in this video for “Jesus’ Son”:

The Seduction of Kansas is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Seduction of Kansas Track List:

  1. Jesus’ Son
  2. The Seduction of Kansas
  3. Youtube Sartre
  4. I’m Clean
  5. Ice Cream
  6. Good Time Charlie
  7. 68 Screen
  8. Not Perceived
  9. Control Freak
  10. Carol
  11. Interlude: I Dream This Dream IN Which My Body is My Own
  12. Texas Instruments

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