Born Of Osiris Release “The Simulation” with Bassist Nick Rossi

Born of Osiris: The SimulationThe metal titans in Born of Osiris have returned with their fifth studio album, which marks the first album since longtime bassist David Da Rocha left the band. The Simulation instead features the bass work of Nick Rossi, who joined the group late last year. Guitarist Lee McKinney told Distorted Sound Magazine that the switch was hard but Rossi settled into the group nicely.

“When David decided to step away, there were a million options. People were asking us to hit up some of the most talented bass players on the planet. That being said, it was a delicate time in our band. David is a brother and it was heartbreaking to lose him,” he said. “We needed a nice person and soul, not just a “shreddy” bass player. Nick is all that and more. He also is an incredible songwriter. He stepped into the band and immediately wrote two incredible songs. One is on this first half of the release, and the next is on the other.”

Get a taste of the album with the music video for “Cycles of Tragedy”:

The Simulation is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Simulation Track List:

  1. The Accursed
  2. Disconnectome
  3. Cycles of Tragedy
  4. Under the Gun
  5. Recursion
  6. Analogs in a Cell
  7. Silence the Echo
  8. One Without The Other

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