Bass of the Week: Tüi Instruments Muhu Bass

Tüi instruments Muhu Bass

Gert Simso of Tüi Instruments builds basses, ukuleles, guitars and more out of local woods found on his home island of Muhu in Estonia. That includes his Muhu bass, which features an asymmetrical hollow body made from juniper.

“Using juniper as tonewood has been on my mind for a long time (in Muhu they grow everywhere),” Simso writes. “All the materials for this instrument have been gifted to me over the years and it was eventually time to build myself a bass. Using juniper was a risk – earlier experiences have shown juniper gives too much high end in tones, but I was hoping they would give a good fill on the bass tones. And luck was on my side: The final tone is really full, colorful and as dramatical as our sea.”

The bass also uses bog oak for its back and ribs that were salvaged from an old ship. The fretboard, tailpiece, and center of the back are made of Cocobolo, while the neck is ash. “[The] pickup cover and pot knobs are made of chestnut burl that grows in the front yard of my home in Muhu. As a child, I played and climbed on it a lot and now it has become part of my bass, ready for playing once again. And the soundboard, of course, is made of juniper.”

With all the interesting woodwork, it may take you a minute to realize that the Muhu is actually a three-string bass!

Tüi Instruments Muhu Bass Specs:

Body Back and Sides:Bog Oak, Cocobolo
Pickup:Single Coil

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. So many beautiful instruments, so little time (and money).