Bass of the Week: Tüi Instruments Mammoth Slayer

Tui Bass Mammoth SlayerThis week we’re checking out a brand new ancient bass by Tüi Instruments. Gert Simso shared his latest creation with us, which he calls the Mammothslayer.

“[My Friend] got me bog oak as a present, so it felt only right to make him a bass from the best piece. He wanted something raw. Something, when played, makes that mammoth frozen in a glacier shiver in fear. And something we can use to make woolly, slow and heavy music together.”

The spear-shaped body is made from bog oak while the lower bout features a deer horn for a leg rest. Its neck also has bog oak laminated with ebony and maple. The Mammothslayer has just three strings, tuned C-D-C, and an elongated 35.5-inch scale. For electronics, Simso dug up a rare find.

“The pickup is a random MusicMan-style one I bought from the internet. It doesn’t even have a company name,” he explains. “It cost 30 Euro and it sounds like a boutique one – all the high end without bleeding ears and all the low end with no mud. And the mids in balance.”

Tüi Instruments Mammothslayer Bass Specs:

Body:Bog Oak with Deer Horn Leg Rest
Neck:Bog Oak, Ebony, and Maple
Fingerboard:Bog Oak
Frets:22 Stainless Steel with Zero Fret
Pickup:Unknown MM-style Blade Pickup in Custom Bog Oak Housing
Tuners:Schaller Lightweight M4S
Bridge:Custom Tüi Pin Bass Bridge

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  1. Todd

    I love it! Gert does his own thing and stays creative.

  2. Mark l Sellers

    But why?

  3. Grant Koeller

    Why 3 string, with CDC tuning?
    That makes no sense, remember bass is tuned in 4th’s.