Chris Zantioti & Friends: Crazy

Euripides Dionysiadis sent me this video featuring a cover of Seal’s “Crazy.”

“I am an Athens (Greece) born bass player currently in Rotterdam (Netherlands) studying Jazz composition,” Euripides shared. “In my summer 2018 break, I sat down with a dear friend of mine (guitar player and producer Chris Zantioti) in a new studio in Athens called In Verba and we co-arranged Seal’s well-known tune ‘Crazy’ – a composition we love and played for many years.”

The outcome is fantastic.

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  1. Artie kunkabunka

    Good stuff

  2. debra

    more of this – great stuff, thank you

  3. Adolph Lozano

    Fantastic musicianship, and her vocals were exquisite, such hidden talent deserves to be exploited. I am in totally amazed shock with the perplexity of the arrangement, it makes “SEAL” look like a novice in comparison. These people are also very young, would love to correspond with these players for more videos. Thank you for posting, my 25 years as a bassist seems to be a waste in comparison to the tastefulness of these players!

  4. Trey Smith

    pretty tasty

  5. Mark S Barletta

    the coolest of all beans