Nick Jost and Baroness Experiment on “Gold & Grey”

Baroness: Gold & GreyBaroness has returned with their fifth album, Gold & Grey, which expands their sound by incorporating elements of jazz, prog, and math rock. Founder, singer, and guitarist John Baizley says he wanted to create something more “kaleidoscopic than our former records.” Baroness bassist Nick Jost says that’s thanks in part to allowing themselves to write in the studio.

“On this one, we were more into ‘explore the other side’, you know. Exploring these new sounds, since there’s a lot of acoustic bass,” he told The Heavy Chronicles. “I actually sing on this record… We just did a lot of things we’ve never done before… We didn’t have a full song written in the second studio session. We had to write six songs in the studio and that’s kind of wild.”

Hear that experimental approach and Jost’s killer bass playing in this video for “Borderlines”:

Gold & Grey is available now on CD, vinyl, cassette and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Gold & Grey Track List:

  1. Front Toward Enemy
  2. I’m Already Gone
  3. Seasons
  4. Sevens
  5. Tourniquet
  6. Anchor’s Lament
  7. Throw Me an Anchor
  8. I’d Do Anything
  9. Blankets of Ash
  10. Emmett – Radiating Light
  11. Cold-Blooded Angels
  12. Crooked Mile
  13. Broken Halo
  14. Can Oscura
  15. Borderlines
  16. Assault on East Falls
  17. Pale Sun

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