Brother Theodore, aka Ted Gould III, Releases “St. Ann”

Brother Theodore: St. AnnTed Gould III has worked with New Orleans legend Zigaboo Modeliste, Jon B., Prince Damons, and more. (He’s even written for No Treble.) Now the veteran bassist has released his debut album as a bandleader under the moniker Brother Theodore.

St. Ann is described as “an organic blend of Soul music with Funk, Rock, and Jazz influences.” That makes perfect sense knowing Gould, who grew up in New Orleans and splits his time between there and San Francisco. As such this has shades of Stevie Wonder, Al Green, and Prince. In fact, Prince alumni Dr. Fink and Levi Seacer, Jr. make appearances on St. Ann.

Gould’s songwriting takes precedence, but his bass lines and tone are undeniable. They set the tone for each track, with bass-heavy numbers like “.Img”, “Potion 9”, and “Pimps, Preachers & Politicians.” He also dishes out a monster version of the Brothers Johnson song “Strawberry Letter 23.”

Check out Gould’s homage to his hometown of New Orleans with “The 504”:

St. Ann is available now as a digital download via CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon MP3.

St. Ann Track List:

  1. .Img
  2. Potion 9 (For Cia)
  3. Blood
  4. The Space Between
  5. Alison
  6. Pimps, Preachers, & Politicians
  7. Sl23
  8. The Ghost of St. Ann
  9. The 504
  10. A World Without

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  1. Chance

    Shuggie Otis song Strawberry Letter 23 from 1971 Freedom Flight. Groundbreaking artist. Early use of drum machine and blending of styles including rock, blues, funk and psychedelic flavors. Sweet Thang is another standout track from that album. Love me some Brothers Johnson and their version was a hit but Shuggie shouldn’t be overloooked.