Rex Brown Selling Gear from Throughout His Career on Reverb

Rex Brown

Rex Brown has teamed up with Reverb to sell off tons of music gear used throughout his career. A portion of the sale, which feature more than 70 pieces of gear, will benefit Reverb Gives, which is the company’s charitable giving initiative.

Brown is a mainstay of the metal community and is known for his work in Pantera, Down, Kill Devil Hill, and more. He recently launched a solo career as well. “I’ve picked up so much great gear over the years—I just don’t have enough f*cking room for it all,” he states. “There’s a lot of history here and a lot of really great guitars. I hate getting rid of this stuff, but I’d rather get these into the hands of the fans or players who can put them to use rather than have them sitting in a warehouse.”

The full list of gear will be available to view and purchase starting July 30th. Reverb previewed a few of the more notable items including a Fender Jazz used on Rebel Meets Rebel, an Ampeg SVT1000, a Spector Designs bass used as a back up, and the prototype for Brown’s Spector RXT bass. It was built in 2011 by Stuart Spector and is the only of its kind as the model didn’t go into production.

“As with all Spectors, this one is as cool as it gets! I hate getting rid of it, but I just don’t play it anymore. I’m glad it’ll go to someone who plays it and that a portion of the proceeds will go to charity,” Brown said.

“In partnership with Reverb Gives,” Reverb writes, “Reverb’s charitable giving initiative that provides youth music programs all over the world with the instruments they need to make music, Brown will be donating a portion of the proceeds from his Reverb shop to two charities: UpBeat Music and Arts, which helps students from all backgrounds in Chicago learn to play instruments and connect with music and arts, and Young Musicians Unite, which provides free, consistent in-school music education to underserved communities in Miami.”

For more information, visit the Rex Brown of Pantera Reverb Shop.

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