Bass of the Week: Tangente Instrumentos Zen Bass

Tangente Instrumentos Zen BassMatias Catueño of Tangente Instrumentos sent in this awesome bass he built called the Zen. Besides its multi-scale design and a killer Photoluminescent geometric pattern, the bass has an interesting set of electronics that were requested by the customer.

Its DiMarzio PJ set has switches to toggle between series, parallel, and single coil operation for each pickup. Switch number three changes the output from mono to stereo. “[There are] Volume [knobs] for each pickup,” Catueño explains. “The Master Tone is also a push-pull knob to change between Series/Parallel between the PUs. Since the Jazz PU is a Humbucker with each coil covering a pair of strings, you could use the stereo mode to send E-A and D-G to different amp/rigs, or use the Jazz in series and the Precision for EA for a super heavy tone, just to name a few combinations.”

The luthier also features woods local to him in Argentina including a Guindo body, a maple neck, and a curupay fingerboard.

Tangente Instrumentos Zen Bass Specs:

Scales:35 - 33″
Pickguard / Headpiece:Wenge
Inlays:Epoxi with Photoluminiscent pigment
Pickups:DiMarzio PJ Set
Tuners:Hipshot ultralite
Finish:High Gloss Lacquer on Body, Truoil on Neck

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  1. Matias Catueño

    Thanks for the share! It’s an honour for us to be here =D.
    We’ve got a lot of new stuff coming with Tangente

  2. Trey Smith