LeCompte Electric Basses Back in Business

LeCompte PT 1.5-4 Spalted Bass Body Angle

After a five year hiatus, LeCompte Electric Basses is back. Luthier Bud LeCompte made the announcement via email and social media.

“A few years ago I wasn’t sure I would ever see this day, but here I am, ready to start a new chapter with the re-launch of LeCompte Electric Bass,” he wrote. “I’ve got a ton of new ideas and some big plans. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but I’m committed and looking forward to what the future brings. I can hardly wait to kick things up a few notches. I’m really looking forward to building some new basses! Stay tuned.”

LeCompte is based in the Houston, Texas area and began building around 2004. He offers eleven bass styles that range from traditional to quite unique. “I like a lot of the traditional instruments, but I don’t want to build clones,” he told us in a 2011 interview. “I try to put my own twist on the traditional designs. I have developed my own way of building instruments, so I try to make the traditionally influenced designs also fit the way I build. Whether it’s the traditionally influenced design or my own unique designs, using CAD makes it easy to refine the designs and get them just how I want them.”

LeCompte’s basses are available for order now. He will be offering the models on his site until he ramps up production when he can offer more custom work. Prices start at $1,600 for a four-string bolt-on neck, though many options are available for each model.

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