Chris Lightcap Releases “SuperBigmouth”

Chris Lightcap: SuperBigmouthAfter releasing music with his bands Bigmouth and Superette, bassist Chris Lightcap has combined the efforts into a group called SuperBigmouth. As such the group includes two tenor saxophones, keyboard, two guitars, bass, and two drumkits.

The thick texture fills out Lightcap’s compositions, which blend jazz and rock in a unique way. That’s on display right away with the opening track, “Through Birds, Through Fire.” Lightcap debuted the song earlier this year via Downbeat, explaining the song.

“The opening section is made up of a bunch of different melodic fragments that eventually come together and serve as a springboard into Craig Taborn’s solo,” he said. “[H]e takes one of the most compelling Hammond B3 organ solos I’ve ever heard, and throughout it, you can feel how his playing drives and inspires the rest of us.”

SuperBigmouth is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

SuperBigmouth Track List:

  1. Through Birds, Through Fire
  2. Zero Point Five
  3. Queenside
  4. False Equivalency
  5. Deep River
  6. Nothing If Not
  7. Quinine
  8. Sanctuary City

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