Bass of the Week: Gamma Bass Guitars “Starburst”

Gamma Bass Guitars Starburst

This week we’re checking out a cool custom bass from Gamma Bass Guitars called the “Starburst.” The one-of-a-kind bass features hand-painted artwork by Julie Rosenberg, who says she has “always been drawn to bold color and geometric style design.”

“Kandinsky’s musically inspired masterpieces captivated me at a young age,” she writes on her website. “The reason I painstakingly hand paint each guitar body, as opposed to spraying paint, is because of the hand-to-eye, muscle-memory, tactile features that come along with this process. The effect is time-liberating, not time-consuming, and multi-sensorial. The deliberate use of clear pickguards and control plate covers invite viewers to peek into the guitar’s harmonious inner workings – wired metallic elements and circuitry – that collaboratively along with the ensemble of parts and hardware work with the musician to produce the sound of this amazing instrument.”

The Starburst was built with an alder body, Canadian maple neck featuring a slim profile, and Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Other features include Gamma Gen 2 vintage-style J pickups and vintage-style hardware.

Gamma Bass Guitars Starburst Specs:

Neck:Canadian Maple
Fingerboard:Indian Rosewood
Pickups:GAMMA Gen 2 Vintage Style J Pickups
Hardware:Vintage Style
Weight:9 lbs
Other:Art by Julie Rosenberg

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  1. I own four Gamma basses. Joey Milstein is a top notch dude who makes real workhorse tools for working musicians…and at a steal for a custom bass.

    • Paul Malakai Messina

      Joey made me a kick ass Gamma P-Bass that I play daily. I currently own 105 Awesome basses and out of all my P basses I reach for my gamma first. Anyone that has seen my collection knows I own some amazing instruments so if I reach for the gamma out of everything I have that right there is saying something. Most of my collection are one-of-a-kind handmades. Some of them I have paid over $20,000 for like my Custom Alembic. But for the money spent on the gamma it plays better than the rest that are in the same money/cost area. It even plays better than my Fender custom shop precision bases where those start out at $5000. For the money GAMMA is the Way to go Hands down.

  2. Thanks for this very nice review. Totally unexpected but much appreciated. ??. Please visit the Gamma site @ …. some amazing Gamma treats avail for sale now or we can build from scratch. Cheers ?!

  3. Trey Smith

    gorgeous, reminds me of the guitars Adrian Belew used to play in the 80’s

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    Thanks and Cheers!