Nenad Vasilic Releases “Bass Room”

Nenad Vasilic: Bass RoomBassist Nenad Vasilic has returned to solo bass recordings with his new album entitled Bass Room. Each song is performed with a wide variety of styles, ranging from traditional Balkan songs to contemporary jazz to classical.

Vasilic plucks, bows, and taps his double bass to create varied textures throughout the thirteen tracks. He even prepares the bass with pens on the Deep Purple-inspired track “Burning” to mimic an overdrive.

Three songs are performed on electric bass: “Jutros mi Je Ruza Procvetala,” “Kraj Potoka Bistre Vode,” and the Sarabande from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 2. Watch Vasilic render his own version of the latter:

Bass Room is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Bass Room Track List:

  1. Christos Anesti
  2. For Luis
  3. Bass Drops
  4. Gavrilo’s Prinzip
  5. Kradem Ti Se U Veceri
  6. Burning
  7. New Bass Song
  8. Ti Bi Hteo Pesmom Da Ti Kazem
  9. Jutros mi Je Ruza Procvetala
  10. Cello Suite No. 2 Sarabande
  11. Kraj Potoka Bistre Vode
  12. Just Squeeze Me
  13. Bass Lullaby / Tiho Noci

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