Genzler Amplification Branches Out With Kinetix 800 Bass Amp

Genzler Amplification Kinetix 800 Bass Amp

Genzler Amplification has expanded its amp lineup with the Kinetix 800, an 800-watt head unit that combines a Class A all-tube preamp with a high-output Class D power amp. The new mini powerhouse, which weighs just over 7 pounds, marks a departure from their Magellan solid-state platforms.

“Just as the name implies, the KINETIX 800 was designed to be that responsive, kinetic connection of interactive energy between the player’s expressiveness, their technique, and the tonal response coming back to them from the amplifier and speaker system – engaging with big, full notes, quickness, and snap when pushed, or slow harmonic bloom when sustained,” Genzler writes. “It is a simple to use, very musical amplifier, and is what a high-voltage tube preamp brings to the player’s dynamic interaction with their instrument through a world class bass amplifier.”

The Kinetix 800 features three 12AX7 tubes running at 300 volts. Its control set includes a five-band EQ with an additional Lean/Fat/Thick switch for broader tone shaping. A three-way switch ahead of the Gain and Volume knobs doubles as a Mute or Gain Boost.

Genzler also loaded it with plenty of connectivity, including a tube-driven XLR direct output, an aux input, a headphone output, a tuner output, and dual Speakon connectors.

The Kinetix 800 is now shipping at a price of $1,299.99.

Genzler Amplification Kinetix 800 Bass Amp Features:

Six Stage, Class A, Tube Preamp (3 x 12AX7 Tubes Running at 300 Volts)
Class D, 800-watt Power Amp
Mute / On / Boost Gain Switch
Lean / Fat / Thick, Tonal Foundation Switch
5-Band Fixed Equalization Network
Tube Driven, XLR Direct Output, w/Pre or Post EQ Settings
Aux Input
Headphone Output
Tuner Output
Dual Speakon Connectors
Power Rating: 400w @ 8 Ohms, 800w @ 4 Ohms and 2.67 Ohms
Dimensions: 3.25″h x 11.25″w x 11.375″D
Weight: 7.20 Lbs

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