Jason Scheff Releases Solo Album, “Here I Am”

Jason Scheff: Here I AmFormer Chicago bassist and vocalist Jason Scheff has released Here I Am, which marks his second solo album. It’s packed with guest artists including The Doors guitarist Robbie Krieger, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, vocalist Bill Champlin, and Rascal Flatts multi-instrumentalist Jay DeMarcus, who also co-produced the album.

“The record was a work in progress over the last ten years,” Scheff said in a live Facebook Q&A. “Jay and I started it on the heels of Chicago 30. We started a solo album right after that because it was so much fun. We cut a bunch of really good stuff and put it down for a while. We came back to it and recorded a few Chicago songs I’m associated with and helped write.”

Scheff shares bass duties with DeMarcus as well as session ace Pino Palladino, who is on two tracks. Check out this teaser of “Here I Am”:

Here I Am is available now on CD with digital versions coming soon. Signed copies can be purchased on Scheff’s website.

Here I Am Track List:

  1. Will You Still Love Me
  2. Here I Am
  3. Look Away
  4. Wonderful Day
  5. If You Only Knew
  6. Feeling Stronger Every Day
  7. What Kind Of Man Would I Be
  8. Never Even Had The Chance
  9. Hard To Say I’m Sorry
  10. A Way

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  1. Bob Sled

    That would be Bill Champlin, not Champlain.

  2. Martay

    Hi there! Thanks for mentioning ‘ HERE I AM ‘.
    Bill Champlin was Chicago’s main keyboardist + main background singer from 1981-1987 with some stellar lead / co- lead vocals with the 2 lead singers (Cetera & Scheff) Champlin- the main singer- ( Scheff had 3 Lead Vox also) on 1988’s ’19’ Album which was multi-platinum world-wide. Scheff’s first album ’18’ from 1986, went Gold in the US & Multi-Platinum worldwide respectively.

    . The 2 studio albums spawned 7 US AC & #Billboard Hot100 hits, all with ” The Champ ” & Jason Scheff on vocals ( a few with guitarist / Singer supreme, Dawayne Bailey).

    both singers were featured on several more popular singles from 1991, 1997-1999 & in 2006

    1. Champlin Sung, ” Chasin’ The Wind” ( Hot100 #39 AC #13) Scheff Lead single 2. ” You Come To My Senses ” ( #11 AC)

    1997’s #1 AC hit ” Here In My Heart” Lead Vox. Champlin & Main BG Singer, Scheff
    ” The Only One” ( AC #17) leads by Champlin feat. Scheff w/ Chicago founder: Lamm &
    Superstar Rocker, Lenny Kravitz

    1998-1999 hits both sung by Scheff & Champlin again w/ singles ” All Roads Lead To You” ( AC #14)
    ” Show Me A Sign ” ( AC #28 ) & 2006’S DUO with Jay DeMarcus ( Here I Am Producer, backing vocalist, player) & his hit-making country outfit : Rascal Flatts

    Basically, Chicago & Pop Music history from 1981-2006 was HEAVILY influenced by Jason Scheff & his mentor / partner, Bill Champlin. I am leaving out all the hits vocal sessions and bass/keys/ songwriting etc for Brittney Spears, Elton John, TOTO, Gino Vanenelli, Englebert Humperdink, Steve Lukather, Space Cows,, David Foster, Michael Jackson CTA ( supergroup w/ Champlin & chicago founder Danny Serphine) many many more!