Talking Bass: Breaking Down Pino Palladino’s Bass Line on “Everytime You Go Away”

Talking Bass’s Mark J Smith recently shared this great video, breaking down Pino Palladino’s legendary bass line on “Everytime You Go Away.”

“His bass playing on ‘Every Time You Go Away’ is melodic, memorable and technically brilliant while keeping that groove at its core,” Smith shared. “We’ll breakdown the bass line, look at how Pino approached creating those intricate fills and how all of this works to outline the harmony.”

You can find additional lesson materials on the Talking Bass website.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:28 Intro Line Breakdown
  • 10:14 Verse Line Breakdown
  • 16:22 Pre Chorus Line Breakdown
  • 29:08 Chorus Breakdown

Smith referenced Joe Hubbard’s “Pino Story” video in this lesson. Check it out here:

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