Louis Puggaard-Müller and Fortheloveofbass: Light Years Ahead

Ivo Schot has released a new video in his “Fortheloveofbass” project, and it seems like it will be the last one for a while. The series of videos created amazing collaborations with vocalists featuring Schot providing all the harmonic content on his bass.

“Fortheloveofbass is a project that I started to reimagine how I could use my instrument. I was looking for something new as an artist and as a bass player,” he writes. “The journey made me approach my instrument and sound design in a completely new and open space. Being the only instrument to support a song gives you a lot of responsibility and thus opens all doors that in a regular band setting mighty remain closed as a bass player. Just because you would discard them as being not the way to use a bass guitar. So I can surely say that this process has been truly liberating.”

The videos caught the attention of Louis Puggaard-Müller, who offered for Schot to play in his band Subterranean Street Society. They worked on an album called ‘Twelve Steps’ that had one eerie song.

“The last song on the ‘Twelve Steps’ record turned out to be a haunting acoustic ballad set in outerspace. We felt the acoustic guitar didn’t have enough depth to translate the infinity of the galaxy,” the bassist wisely stated. “However we knew it needed to be something simple. So Louis asked me if I wanted to turn this song into a Fortheloveofbass track. I immediately knew it was the right thing to do.”

Schot doesn’t know if Fortheloveofbass will return, but we hope it does. In any case, this is a mind-blowing song and a beautiful send-off to that chapter of his career.

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