Steve Lawson Releases “Best of Vol 1”

Steve Lawson: The Best of Steve Lawson Pt 1 (Solo, 2000-2013)It’s been twenty years since Steve Lawson’s first solo bass gig. Since then, he’s been steadily improvising and recording with over forty albums under his belt. (You can find them all on his Bandcamp page). Now he’s released the first volume of a “best of” compilation that picks out his favorite tracks from 2000 through 2013. The eleven songs serve as a great intro to Lawson’s catalog.

“Back in 2013, a couple of friends of mine who had been listening to my solo work since the very beginning commented that I really should have a compilation album available as an introduction to what I do,” Lawson writes. “I said that I had no idea what should go on it and asked them for suggestions. They ended up sequencing the whole album, and through the conversation on Twitter even wrote track by track sleevenotes for it.”

The music covers all of his solo work before he added the Quneo into his work to play percussion, keys, and found sounds. As such, Best Of Vol 1 features his work focusing on solely the bass guitar with loops and effects.

For fans in the UK, you can catch Steve celebrating the 20th anniversary of his first solo gig on Sunday, December 15th at Tower of Song in Birmingham. Tickets can be found here.

The Best of Steve Lawson Pt 1 (Solo, 2000-2013) is available now via Bandcamp. You can also subscribe to his Bandcamp page for access to his whole catalog and special subscriber-only music.

The Best of Steve Lawson Pt 1 (Solo, 2000-2013) Track List:

  2. Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins
  3. Shizzle
  4. Me, Myself And I
  5. No More Us And Them
  6. Grace and Gratitude (remaster)
  7. The Kindness of Strangers
  8. Virtue of the Small
  9. Small Marvels
  10. Jimmy James
  11. The Creative (Ch’ien)

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