Evan Marien Publishes Transcription Book

Evan Marien - Transcriptions Vol 1Evan Marien has just published a new transcription book of his playing, including his original compositions and bass solos from other works. The bassist transcribed all of his own playing for players who want a new challenge.

“This is for anyone who wants a deeper (and accurate) look into my bass playing and music,” Marien explains. “There are 9 transcriptions, plus a hexatonic lesson + intervallic exercises at the beginning of the book. 65 pages of pure EMAR. Detailed melodies, chords, and solos all transcribed by me!”

Evan Marien – Transcriptions Vol 1 features full bass transcriptions with standard notation and TAB. It includes his original songs “Aeon”, “Cali”, “The Eldridge”, and “Wave Existence” as well as his bass solos from “Special Zone”, “Sweatn”, “Glacier”, “Water on the Brain Pt 2”, and “Looking Glass”.

Check out his take on Allan Holdsworth’s “Water on the Brain Pt 2” (the bass solo begins at the 1:23 mark):

Evan Marien – Transcriptions Vol 1 is available as a download through Marien’s website. A physical copy is available through Amazon.

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