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Sheet Music & Instruction

Russ Rodgers Publishes “Bass Guitar Lines”

Bassist and educator Russ Rodgers has just released a new instructional book. “Bass Guitar Lines” is accompanied by online video and audio access, and covers 40 intermediate level bass lines in a variety of techniques, tempos, and styles.


Federico Malaman Releases “Malalicks”

Federico Malaman has just released a new instructional book called “Malalicks”, which is a collection of ten licks to improve your soloing skills.

Sheet Music & Instruction

David Gross Publishes “Ear Training For Bassists, Vol. 1”

David Gross of The Bass Guitar Channel has released another instructional book for us low-enders. “Ear Training For Bassists, Vol. 1”, which comes in paperback and Kindle versions, is a booster to start hearing and understanding music in real time.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Janek Gwizdala Releases “From Practice to Performance” Instructional Book

Janek Gwizdala has published a new book called “From Practice to Performance” that is written to translate your woodshedding to the stage. Split into two parts, the book walks you through how to actually utilize all the things you learn.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Evan Marien Publishes “Major Hexatonic Scales and Melodic Patterns Vol. 1”

Evan Marien has released a new book that will help you take a new approach to the fingerboard. “Major Hexatonic Scales and Melodic Patterns Vol. 1” centers around a six-note scale.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Alex Lofoco Publishes “Contemporary Electric Bass: Jaco Pastorius”

Today is Jaco Pastorius’ birthday, so it is fitting that Alex Lofoco has a new volume of his instructional book series releasing today. “Contemporary Bass Guitar: Jaco Pastorius” is an in-depth analysis of Jaco’s “Modern Electric Bass” video.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Marek Bero Publishes “Bass Gym 101: Odd Time Bass Grooves”

One of the biggest obstacles for musicians is the dreaded odd-time signature. That’s why Marek Bero decided to expand his “Bass Gym 101” series with a new book on the topic.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Orlando le Fleming Teaches New Technique in “Polymuting for Bass Guitar”

Bassist and educator Orlando le Fleming has produced another instructional book for 2020. “Polymuting for Bass Guitar” covers his specific funk muting technique, which he utilizes heavily with his band Romantic Funk and with Wayne Krantz.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Joel Quarrington Releases Book on Fifths Tuning for Double Bass

Former London Symphony Orchestra principal bassist Joel Quarrington has just released a new educational book. “Bass in Fifths – Intervals, Chords, Arpeggios, Scales” presents fingerings for every note in every key for basses tuned in fifths.

Sheet Music & Instruction

David Gross Publishes “Bass ala Melodic Minor Modes”

Bassist and educator David Gross has just published a new instructional book called “Bass ala Melodic Minor Modes”. The 90+ page book is a deep dive into the melodic minor scale, its chords, and its modes.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Ryan Madora Publishes Free eBook, “Beginning Improvisation for Bass Players”

Ryan Madora has just released a free eBook to help bassists learn to improvise. “Beginner Improvisation For Bass Players: Navigating Chord Progressions with a Soulful Groove” is designed to help players break away from the root note and get creative.

Sheet Music & Instruction

Rufus Reid Releases Digital Edition of “The Evolving Bassist”

Rufus Reid’s instructional book “The Evolving Bassist” has been the benchmark for jazz bass education for decades. After releasing a Millennium Edition in 2000, the book is now available in a digital format for the first time.