Sam Smith and Decently Dangerous Release “Falling With Style”

Decently Dangerous: Falling With StyleBassist Sam Smith and his band Decently Dangerous have released their debut album, Falling With Style. The quartet, which also features guitarist Andrew Jordan, drummer Joe Spinelli, and pianist Bryan Ponton, is bass-heavy with Smith taking melodies and using a vocoder with his six-string to perform vocals.

Decently Dangerous describes their music as “catchy songs that are full of shred, unique, and lyrically are nonsense. Spanning a wide range of influences, the album goes from calm to intense in a matter of moments, with harmonies that are just dense enough to float.”

You can get a taste of all that in the album opener, “Five Inches of Love”:

Falling With Style is available now for streaming and download via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

Falling With Style Track List:

  1. Five Inches of Love
  2. Friday All Week
  3. I Think We Should
  4. I Should Move
  5. Believe in Ghosts
  6. Preibus

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