Marcus Miller, Jason Leopold and Federico Malaman: “What’s Going On” Jam

The 2020 NAMM Show kicked off the right way last night at the Clarion. Marcus Miller held his “Bass to Bass Marcus” event where Marcus jammed with various bassists throughout the night.

It was a great hang, with some great music.

Here’s a clip from the event where Marcus is joined by bassists Jason Leopold and Federico Malaman on an all-bass version of “What’s Going On.” Jason held down the groove for most of it, and all three bassists took turns soloing over the tune.

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  1. Vinícius Silveira

    even though these bassists are much more technical, more melodic or faster than Marcus, they show deep respect for him and his style of playing.

    • David Blaackman

      Another example of how two people can see the same thing and have completely different opinions. First thing you need to do is know the tune. If these gentlemen are faster, more melodic or more technical than Marcus, it was not evident in this jam.

      • Mike Oxard

        Could not agree more. The guy in the back seriously needs to work on playing in time. Not good at all. Waaaaaaaaayyyy too many notes from that one.

  2. Earl Sabir

    Record and release!

  3. Vernon Wilkins

    No cohesiveness at all. Each one in their own unique space. It was difficult for me to here and feel the blend! I guess that I will call that a clash of styles.