Ernie Ball Now Shipping Flat Ribbon Patch Cables

Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cables

Ernie Ball has announced a new line of flat ribbon patch cables. Their flat cable design and low-profile connectors optimize pedalboard layout and routing, the company explains.

“They offer improved frequency response with a clear tone with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics,” they write. “Metal components are made of 99.95% oxygen-free copper to resist corrosion. Multiple shielding materials preserve the signal with low handling noise, and the durable PVC jacket exterior ensures long-lasting performance. Connectors are all flat-angle/flat-angle.”

The lineup will include four cable lengths: 3 inches, 6 inches, 12 inches, and 25 inches. Ernie Ball’s flat ribbon patch cables are available now with prices starting at $22.99 for a set.

Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cable Features:

Flat Cable Design
Low Profile Connectors
99.5% Oxygen-Free copper
Multiple Shielding materials, PVC Jacket Exterior
Four Sizes: 3″, 6″, 12″, 24″

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