Bass of the Week: BITE Guitars Stairway-to-Heaven Bass

BITE Guitars Stairway-to-Heaven Bass

BITE Guitars recently launched the One-Song series, which creates one-off showcase instruments based on a single iconic song. This week we’re checking out the “Stairway-to-Heaven” Bass.

“Each bass pays tribute to one particular song which made its mark in rock history,” BITE explains. “This bass is dedicated to Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones.”

The bass takes its inspiration quite literally and features an image of an MC Escher-styled staircase among clouds. BITE built the bass with an alder body in a Candy Apple Red finish, a hard maple neck, and a maple fingerboard fitted with block inlays. Other features include their passive 1000 mV split-coil pickup, black clover tuners, and a Gotoh black brass bridge.

BITE Guitars Stairway-to-Heaven Bass Body

BITE Guitars Stairway-to-Heaven Bass Specs:

Body:US Alder
Finish:Candy Apple Red
Neck:Hard Maple
Neck Profile:D Shape
Nut:Graph Tech
Fretboard:Vintage Hard Maple
Inlays:Black Blocks
Headstock:Short headstock (SH), matched
Pickguard:Funky red 4-ply
Pickup:Passive BITE 1000 mV split coil
Tuners:BITE clover black
Bridge:GOTOH brass black
Neck plate:Black
Screw color:Chrome
Weight:8.4 lbs

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  1. Gray

    I thought JPJ used mostly a Jazz bass in the era of Stairway? Curious that they gave this the split pickup, when they have J-like pickups on other Bite basses….