MOD Devices Announces the MOD Dwarf Effects Processor

MOD Dwarf Effects Processor

MOD Devices has unveiled its latest creation, called the MOD Dwarf. The unit is a powerful and compact effect processor with an open platform for “platform for effects, amp simulations, cabinets, virtual instruments, synthesizers, and MIDI utilities.”

“There are thousands of developers around the world working on great-sounding open-source plugins. It turns out that most musicians never get to know about it,” the company writes. “MOD has established a bridge by curating these digital creations and making them available for everyone. This is the first time musicians and developers have a rock-solid dedicated platform to connect them.”

The MOD plugin shop has 300 plugins ready to download with new plugins being constantly added. MOD says you can run several plugins simultaneously, as the Dwarf has a Quad-core 64 bit ARM CPU running at 1.3GHz, with 8 GB storage, and 1 GB RAM. You can also use the controls to assemble patches on the fly.

Get an overview of the MOD Dwarf in the company’s Kickstarter Campaign video:

The MOD Dwarf was launched on Kickstarter with a pre-order price starting at $275. It will have a regular price of about $365.

MOD Dwarf Effects Processor Features:

Configurable I/O gain
Dual independent audio I/O (stereo or dual mono)
Quad-core 64 bit ARM CPU 1.3GHz, 8 gb storage, 1 gb RAM
Built-in tuner
USB-host port for peripherals and Bluetooth (expandable with USB a hub)
USB-device port for computer connection
Control Chain port for MOD peripherals
Headphone output for quiet practice
Modular patching: split, join, feedback and rearrange your signal chain freely.

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    The pedal company’s are gonna be shitting themselves