Gruv Gear Announces LYNK Pedalboard

Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard

Musical accessory company Gruv Gear has announced a new product for effects lovers called the LYNK Pedalboard and the accompanying Pedalboard Kapsule Case. LYNK is a modular system of interconnectable panels for optimizing your pedalboard design and allowing for easily configuring boards for your gigs.

“Each LYNK is a lightweight aluminum panel and measures a generous 12” wide x 17” deep, offered in single, double and triple board configurations,” the company writes. “The ABS connectors that link each panel have threaded feet which allow users to adjust the surface to the perfect angle. There is also a wireless power option that keeps pedals and devices running from a few hours to a few days and also reduces cable clutter and trip hazards.”

Gruv Gear says bassists and guitarists will no longer need to rewire their pedalboard, instead just putting their essential pedals on one board and extras on subsequent boards. The carrying case for the pedalboard is part of their Kapsule series and has similar features: TSA locks, a Global Recovery Tag system, a polycarbonate/ABS shell, and “soft, yet tough fabric” interior. Further, it has retractable handles, snap-on wheels, and an included accessory bag.

The Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard and Pedalboard Kapsule Case were debuted at the Winter NAMM Show. They are expected to ship in April or May with TBD price points.

Gruv Gear Pedalboard Kapsule Case

Gruv Gear LYNK Pedalboard Features:

Modular Pedalboard System
Lightweight Aluminum Construction
12″x17″ Panels with ABS Connectors
Threaded Feet for Angle Adjustment
Optional Wireless Power

Gruv Gear Pedalboard Kapsule Case Features:

Polycarbonate/ABS Shell
“Soft, Tough” Fabric interior
EVA Foam Blocks
Built-in TSA Locks
Global Recovery Tag System
Retracting Handles
Snap-On Wheels
Accessory Bag Included

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