Christian de Mesones Releases Debut Album, “They Call Me Big New York”

Christian de Mesones: They Call Me Big New YorkAfter forty years in the music business, Christian “Big New York” de Mesones has released his debut album, They Call Me Big New York. The ten-song collection draws on Latin, Funk, Soul, and R&B styles in original smooth jazz compositions.

Though the record focuses on the compositions, de Mesones takes the time to take the spotlight on tracks like “Big Tall Wish” and “Sweetnight”. Get a taste of the album with “Year of the Dragon”:

They Call Me Big New York is available now as a digital download via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

They Call Me Big New York Track List:

  1. Big Tall Wish
  2. Latin Jive Redux
  3. The Shape of Water (Interlude)
  4. Sweetnight
  5. Good Old Days
  6. Spirit
  7. Hispanica
  8. Throb!
  9. Year of the Dragon
  10. Dekalb & Flatbush (Live)

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