Video Premiere: Bruno Segovia’s Bass Playthrough of Irist’s “Order of the Mind”

Irist has just released their debut album, Order of the Mind, which is already one of the year’s must-hear metal albums. Today we’re happy to premiere a playthrough by the band’s co-founder and bass juggernaut, Bruno Segovia.

The title track, “Order of the Mind”, features the bassist tackling some tricky picking with a monstrous tone. We caught up with Segovia to also get the full scoop on his gear.

“Like the vast majority of bass/guitar players, I have gone through more gear ($$) than I care to think of,” he writes. “I started as a guitar player but out of necessity picked up the bass. My first setup was a GK700RBii with a Fender Pro 410 that I got a ridiculous deal on through Craigslist, and a $100 dollar squire P/J (which Pablo still uses today for writing) that I stripped and loaded with a Quarter Pounder Precision pickup, and an American Vintage Noiseless Jazz pickup. Since then I have gone through the gamma of amps/basses/pedals: Gk, Ashdown, SWR, Fender, and now back to GK. As far as basses, I fell in love with the feel of Jazz basses but always wanted something more, so I ended up getting custom ones made with mostly Warmoth parts. The pickups I used on the album, and currently, are Avedissian pickups. His pickups are by far the most dynamic I have ever played and he is very passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. I think I use more pedals than is the norm for a bass player because I do lots of ambient noise in and between songs live. I ultimately ended up going back to GK amps because they just give this full/aggressive tone without completely swallowing the other instruments. They are also incredibly clear so it almost forces you to play better.”

A full list of Segovia’s gear is listed below. Order of the Mind is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Bruno Segovia’s Gear List:

  • GK 2001RB (Main amp)
  • GK 1001RB (Backup amp)
  • Ampeg SVT-810e
  • Lighter colored bass is a custom made jazz body sourced from heart pine from the old Masquerade building in ATL with a quarter sawn roasted maple jazz neck from Warmoth.
  • Darker Bass is all Warmoth, Roasted swamp ash body with a Brazilian ebony neck
  • Custom made pickups on both basses from Avedissian here in ATL both basses have an overwound 60’s jazz pup in the neck, masquerade bass has an overwound double jazz in the bridge. Darker bass has same neck pup and a custom musician style pup in the bridge

Pedals in chain order:

  • Ernie Ball VP jr
  • TcElectronics Polutune 2 tuner
  • Darkglass Hyper Luminal compressor (always on)
  • IdiotBox Han-Taun overdrive (always on)
  • Controlled by Voodoo lab PX8 plus
  • Darkglass Microtubes B3K overdrive
  • Fuzzrocious Demon King distortion + ISP decimator
  • Walrus Audio Descent reverb/octave
  • MXR analog chorus
  • Earthquaker Dispatch master reverb/delay
  • Digitech Jam Man
  • Lava cable solderless cables

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