What A Day Releases “Open Spaces”

What a Day: Open SpacesThe duo What A Day has released their first full-length album, entitled Open Spaces. The group is comprised of bassist Jonathan Joly and vocalist Leah Gracie, who also mans the typewriter, calculator, telephone, pencil sharpener, and more to create percussion.

The album includes 10 original tracks plus a special bonus track. If you’ve never heard the band before, you should check out the song and video for “Closet”. The amazing song features Joly raking harmonics overtop of his bass line while Gracie sings and keeps time with the sharpener and typewriter.

Open Spaces is available now via Bandcamp.

Open Spaces Track List:

  1. Open Space
  2. In My Head
  3. Buy
  4. Closet
  5. In Thin Air
  6. Take a Little Time
  7. Cold Water
  8. Last Calling
  9. A Lullaby
  10. Pom Pom
  11. Bonus Track

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