Bass of the Week: RF Instruments Precision 52 Type Bass

RF Instruments Precision 52 Type Bass

Luthier Roberto Franceschini of RF Musical Instruments paid homage to a classic in one of his latest builds. The drool-worthy bass, which he calls a great love, is modeled after a ’52 P-bass.

“I chose the P bass 52 ‘for its simple and timeless design,” he tells us. “As a luthier, the things that interest me are the sound and playability, as a designer, I believe that creating a nice instrument respecting the classic parameters is a more interesting challenge than looking for new forms whose functionality we know little about.”

Franceschini let the timeless design speak for itself by using beautiful components. Its ash body, flamed maple neck, and ziricote fretboard lay bare the elegant simplicity of the classic. Franceschini rounds the bass out with a Gotoh bridge, Schaller DaVinci tuners, and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickup.

RF Instruments Precision 52 Type Bass Specs:

Neck :Flamed Maple
Pickup:Seymour Duncan Antiquity II
Tuners:Schaller DaVinci

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