Antoine Baril: One Man Rush Medley

Our friend Rob Waxman shared this video on Facebook, and it blew me away. The video was released in 2015, but it was new to us.

Antoine Baril put together this massive medley of Rush tunes and then proceeded to play the bass, guitar, and drums. Any one of those would be impressive enough – handling all the parts is beyond words.

Here are the songs Antoine included in the medley:

  1. 2112
  2. YYZ
  3. Cygnus X-1
  4. Natural science
  5. By-Tor And The Snow Dog
  6. La Villa Strangiato
  7. Cygnus X-1 Book II
  8. Subdivisions
  9. Limelight
  10. Outro – Witch Hunt

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  1. Smeg

    Now I understand what the wife is complaining about when she hears me “practicing.” Pick a song and learn the whole thing!