Bass of the Week: Rinaldis Custom Basses EVO-FX4

Rinaldis Custom Basses EVO-FX4 Bass

Alberto Rinaldis shared his recently finished EVO-FX4 bass with us, which seems like part sports car with its sleek lines and attractive yellow finish. The Luxembourg-based luthier made sure it plays as well as it looks.

“Rather than offer an instrument from an a la carte menu, or assemble a random menagerie of off-the-shelf parts, I carefully select and match components, most of which are custom made for / or by me,” Rinaldis writes on his Facebook page. “The result is a bass with a tone that is balanced and unique to that model. I think it makes more sense for a player to be able to choose a good bass, selecting one with a particular tone that suits his or her musical and/or playing style, rather than adapting their musical or playing style to some randomly voiced instrument.”

Although it has a bit of a headstock, this bass is fitted with a headless tuning system by DB Steinberger. Its German ash body is matched to a five-piece laminated maple and rosewood fingerboard, which is then topped with a rosewood fingerboard. For electronics, Rinaldis opted for a set of Aguilar DCB pickups and an 18-volt Audere Pro Z preamp. All in all, it weighs just under eight pounds.

Rinaldis Custom Basses EVO-FX4 Headless Bass Specs:

Construction:6 Bolt-on with Threaded inserts
Body:German Ash
Neck:5-Piece Maple/ Rosewood
Frets:22 frets + Zero fret
Pickups:Aguilar - DCB 4 String G3 Set
Preamp:Audere Pro Z / 18 Volt battery box
Strap button:Dunlop Dual Design Straplok
Bridge:Steinberger DB Headless Tuner
Weight:7.9 lbs

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  1. Very Kubikiesque design.

    • Alberto Rinaldis

      It’s my tribute to Phil

      • Trey Smith

        Phil was a great guy…love his basses…based on that I’d bet I’d love this. Excellent look and that color…yum. I’d love to hear it

      • Trey Smith

        oh…also love the Audere pre…I have several. Very unique design.

  2. JD

    That’s what I thought too – great job Alberto!

  3. Wouter Jaegers

    An X-factor bass for the new decade. Maybe you should try and get in touch with Duran Duran’s John Taylor