Mario Guarini Publishes “Now It’s My Turn” Bass Transcription Book

Now It's My Turn Bass TranscriptionsMario Guarini’s 2017 album Now It’s My Turn is an amazing showcase for the bassist’s prowess. Accompanied by artists like Mike Stern, Richard Bona, and Vinnie Colaiuta, the record is a tour-de-force centered around the bass. Now, Guarini teamed up with Stuart Clayton to release a detailed transcription book of all the bass playing from the album.

“Mario got in touch back in 2018 asking me to transcribe his album, which is excellent,” Clayton wrote on Facebook. “Writing out all thirteen tunes was incredibly challenging as Mario is a virtuoso bassist who uses a huge range of techniques in his playing – complex slap parts, intricate fingerstyle grooves, chordal passages and bebop solos throughout. Although Mario is an accomplished technical bassist, don’t be fooled into thinking that his songs are simply technical showcases. His writing is excellent: melodic, inventive, and engaging to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of writing out all of this music.”

The 240-page book is written in both notation and tab with an in-depth analysis of the technical, harmonic, and rhythmic aspects of each piece. Each song has play-a-long tracks in three speeds – original, slow, and very slow – to facilitate your learning.

If you haven’t heard his album, check out Guarini talking about it from this trailer:

The book is available now as a digital download through Guarini’s website.

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