Michael Manring Featured In New Mini-Documentary

Michael Manring: Sound Visions

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you need to watch this. Filmmaker Andrew Westhoff has just released a new mini-documentary on bass wizard Michael Manring called Sound Visions. The 14-minute film cuts up clips of Manring performing songs from his latest album, Small Moments, with insightful commentary on music, sound, and the bass. The film takes its title from its opening thoughts by Manring.

“Composing is just something I’ve always done,” Manring says. “I don’t think it’s very voluntary in that sense, it’s not something I can really turn off. But if my mind isn’t otherwise occupied, I’ll often be having sound visions in my mind.”

Sound Visions is available now to watch on YouTube (seen below) or through Westoff’s website.

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  1. Marcelo Yakko

    master Michel !!! great person a musician!