Micah Jones: This Is A Move

Our friend Richard Ratner shared this video, and it offers some beautiful music along with a beautiful message we need right now.

Richard shared this note: “This is Micah Jones. He is a world class bass player who is now the dean of the school of music at the university of the arts in Philadelphia. I don’t believe he’s ever actually made a video to share as he’s very modest, but he really hit it out of the park with this.”

Micah included this note with the video:

“This is simply an instrumental tribute to a beautiful song, written by Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs Leonard, that has ministered to me from the beginning of quarantine. I don’t often play with the bow, let alone post something with the bow, but I am letting go of my own insecurities to begin a new journey.

I feel that this song has a place in so many of our lives for so many reasons. I pray that it ministers to you, because ‘We Need A Move.’

For the lives of those lost and affected by COVID 19, and for the changes we need so desperately to make in our society where the lives of Black Men and Women are so devalued again and again. ‘We Need A Move.’

It may seem passive to cry out in prayer and worship, but ‘Miracles happen when you move.’

Please like and share it if you are moved.”

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