MESA/Boogie Unveils the Subway TT-800 Amp Head

MESA/Boogie TT-800 Amp Head

MESA/Boogie has unveiled the latest in its lightweight amp series with the Subway TT-800. The 800-watt Class D amp blends their Subway series with aspects of their classic Boogie BASS 400+ amp. It achieves that symbiosis with two separate channels in a dual mono configuration.

“The TT-800 features an all-new tube-driven preamp allowing bassists to experience the rich, blooming tube character of the legendary tone stack architecture from the Bass 400+ in the Boogie® channel or the modern tone of the award-winning Subway Channel with enhanced tightness in the low end, accurate punchy mids, and crystal clean highs,” the company writes. “These Channels can be used to switch between (Foot Switch optional) for different responses and sounds with one Instrument, or dedicated to separate Instruments with different characters and needs.”

The input section of the amp has a mute switch and a high/low gain switch. Next are Deep and Bright switches that give more general tone sculpting. Each channel has Gain, Highpass, Bass, Mid, Mid Frequency, Treble, and Volume knobs. For those looking into grittier sounds, the TT-800’s overdrive symmetry can be dialed between symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping.

The rear panel has two Speakon outputs, a headphone output, an aux in, a tuner output, and effects loops for each channel. A three-way switch lets you set the impedance between 2, 4, or 8 ohms. Its direct output section has Pre and Post EQ XLRs with switches to toggle the ground and mic or line level. Finally, a USB output lets you charge your mobile devices.

Check out bass phenom Uriah Duffy demoing the amp:

The MESA/Boogie TT-800 will be coming soon with a street price of $1,099.

MESA/Boogie TT-800 Amp Head Features:

800 Watts @ 4 or 2 ohms; 400W @ 8 ohms
8, 4, or 2 ohm Impedance Switch
Dual Mono Channels - Boogie or Subway
Mute Switch
High/Low Gain Switch
Deep and Bright Switches
OD Symmetry control - Variable Symmetrical to Asymmetrical
Channel Controls: Gain, Highpass, Bass, Mid, Mid Frequency, Treble, Volume
Tuner Output
Footswitch Jack
Headphone Output
Aux In
USB Power Outlet
Pre EQ and Post Master XLR DI Outputs with Line/Mic and Ground Lift Switches
Separate Channel FX Loops
Weight: 7 lbs 3 oz
Made in Petaluma, California

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