Dee Dee Ramone’s Fender Precision Bass Up For Auction

Dee Dee Ramone Fender Precision Bass

Gabba Gabba Hey! Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone’s personal Fender Precision bass is currently up for sale via RR Auction. The cream-colored Fender Precision is described as the bassist’s main axe from 1979 to 1985.

“Ramone numbered the bass guitars he brought on tour in order of preference, taping ‘1’ to his main bass, a ‘2’ to his backup and tuning bass, and a ‘3’ to an ‘emergency’ bass he used as a fail-safe in the event something tragic happened to the first two options,” the auction site explains. “Photo evidence and ample research by Chris Lamy, close friend and historian of the Ramones, indicates that this is in fact Dee Dee’s No. 1 bass. In very good to fine condition, with obvious expected signs of heavy use, including: some area of paint loss, as well as chipping and crazing to the body.”

It can be seen in many of the band’s music videos. Closer examination of the bass shows that the pickguard is caulked down. According to guitar tech Matthew ‘Little Matt’ Lolya, it was to prevent Ramone’s sweat from ruining the electronics. Ramone used the bass until he left the group in 1989, at which point he sold it to “cleanse himself of the band.”

The online auction is open now and will conclude on June 18th. As of this post, the bid is at $15,680 and has an estimated worth of over $40,000. For more, check out the auction page.

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